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“Change”, “Romnesia”, and “Four More Years”: The Marketing Strategies of the 2012 US Presidental Election

When analysing Obama’s campaign from a marketing perspective, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t believe he’s the most well managed brand on the planet.  As you’d expect, he’s got the best of the best strategists, analysers, and marketing experts. But with both Romney and Obama spending in excess of a billion dollars … Continue reading

Social Media Analysis of the 2012 US Presidential Election

Four years ago, when Facebook was one-tenth its size today and before everyone had a smartphone, Barack Obama’s marketing team pioneered the use of social media in presidential campaigns. As Internet usage has rapidly increased since then, it was inevitable that social media was going to play a part in both the campaigns of Obama … Continue reading

The Digitization Of The Music Industry

In some quarters the once simple process of writing, recording, and releasing an album has turned into a complex web of confusion, revenue loss and polarization. But should everyone in the music industry quit now before there isn’t a cent to be made? Or is some intuitive thinking all the downward spiral really needs? It’s no secret … Continue reading

Putting Social Media In Perspective

It’s common knowledge that social media is universally used nowadays. But, just how many people are using these communicative mediums? Well, to put things in perspective, apparently there are 600 million more people that own a mobile phone compared to those who own a toothbrush. Some research reveals that there are 4.8 billion mobile users but … Continue reading

Outsourcing: A Modern Outlook

Outsourcing is often misconstrued as only being used for businesses to cut costs as they struggle to stay afloat. Outsourcing is still somewhat of a dirty word in certain quarters, symbolizing jobs and contracts lost (most overseas) at a fraction of the cost. More recently, however, outsourcing has proven to be a valuable tool for … Continue reading

The (R)evolution Of The Mobile Phone

Five years after the release of the iPhone, there are now over 1 billion smartphone users worldwide, according to a new report. US research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics said the number of users topped 1 billion in the third quarter of 2012, with one out of every seven people worldwide carrying one of the … Continue reading

Ad Analysis: Cadbury Gorilla (2007)

The genius behind this ad is undoubtedly the disruption tactic. The aim of the Law of Disruption is to reframe the brand so that the market sees it differently. The brand is de-familiarised or re-complexified. In other words, consumers are made suddenly to see brand characteristics they had overlooked before. The result is that peoples’ … Continue reading

Ad Analysis: Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (2010)

Once again, Old Spice have delivered another world-class advertisement. Why does this ad particular work? It sells through many different layers of messages: sex, romanticism, want, desire, happiness, prosperity (etc.) Not only does it sell via these messages, but it does so in a humorous conversation tone – thanks in part to some brilliant acting and … Continue reading

A History of Technological Growth

Technologies throughout history have been successful in bringing people closer together and reducing communicative boundaries. Global, local and personal communication limitations were reduced by the invention of the telephone, followed by mobile phones, computer, fax and the Internet. The extent to which these social communities are used is drastically increasing, alluding to how this new media has … Continue reading

Technological Determinism: How Much Technology Is Too Much?

There’s no denying technology can be addictive. We can instantaneously access new information and entertainment, communicate faster and more efficiently than ever before. Technology has always garnered its far share of criticism, from being blamed for ruining relationships, to making us fat, unhealthy and stupid. The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently reported that there are … Continue reading