Ad Analysis: Cadbury Gorilla (2007)

The genius behind this ad is undoubtedly the disruption tactic.

The aim of the Law of Disruption is to reframe the brand so that the market sees it differently. The brand is de-familiarised or re-complexified.

In other words, consumers are made suddenly to see brand characteristics they had overlooked before. The result is that peoples’ interest in a brand is suddenly renewed.

In this instance, the drumming Gorilla repositions Cadbury as a fun, quirky brand to consumers, while creating something so bizarre and hilarious that it was always likely to make a splash.

Some brands may be opposed to implementing such as tactic for fear of not showing, describing or “selling” enough of the product, but the subtle ‘a glass and a half full production’ disclaimer and purple background are enough to ensure it’s definitely a Cadbury TVC.


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