Ad Analysis: Cadbury Gorilla (2007)

The genius behind this ad is undoubtedly the disruption tactic. The aim of the Law of Disruption is to reframe the brand so that the market sees it differently. The brand is de-familiarised or re-complexified. In other words, consumers are made suddenly to see brand characteristics they had overlooked before. The result is that peoples’ … Continue reading

Ad Analysis: Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (2010)

Once again, Old Spice have delivered another world-class advertisement. Why does this ad particular work? It sells through many different layers of messages: sex, romanticism, want, desire, happiness, prosperity (etc.) Not only does it sell via these messages, but it does so in a humorous conversation tone – thanks in part to some brilliant acting and … Continue reading

Ad Analysis: Weetabix – Fuel For Big Days (2011)

The success of this TVC is the insight that to combat a big day you need Weetabix. The use of an entire family makes the experience relatable for almost everyone. Aside from this, the editing and production is first class. Despite being 1 minute in length, the ad is engaging the whole way through – … Continue reading